About KW Steel Structures

Mission Statement

KW Steel Structures fabricates project-specific, high quality steel for customers in the construction industry by entering into and fulfilling contracts as a structural steel fabricator. KW Steel Structures focuses on the needs of crumbling infrastructure as well as new structures with projects delivered in an efficient, quality-controlled manner. Various certifications are pending with federal, state and local agencies.

Why KW Steel?

KW Steel Structures LLC is a 100% woman-owned structural steel fabrication company just south of Boston. KW Steel meets and exceeds your need for a steel fabricator capable of producing quality steel products for use in both the rehabilitation of existing steel structures and new structures on schedule and within budget. We focus on bridge structural steel, expansion joints, scuppers, drainage systems, piling, and structural steel used in light rail stations as well as poles and overhead sign structures.

In addition to the bridge market, KW serves the marine fabrication market and is capable of manufacturing work barges and floats used on intermodal-transportation projects.


KW Steel meets and exceeds the needs of general contractors who undertake a wide range of new construction and rehabilitation projects involving bridge structural steel, piling, railing, poles, floats, and sign structures.


Backed by a management team that has more than 50 years of experience within the fabrication industry, KW Steel delivers your quality steel products on time at a competitive cost. We fill your order faster than other fabrication shops because we do the work in house.

Available Positions

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