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Waltham Partnership for Youth- Waltham, Ma

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If you are interested in applying to one of the career opportunities below or have any additional questions or concerns, please email MassHire MSW Business Services Representative Jennifer McKenna at JMcKenna@MassHireMSW.com .  Please include a copy of your resume.  Jennifer is working directly with the hiring team to ensure MassHire Applicants have an advantage throughout the interview process.

Adminstrative Associate- https://jobquest.dcs.eol.mass.gov/JobQuest/NewJobDetails.aspx?jo=17209922&src=NewSearch.aspx&type=JobOrderNo

CET Educator Specialist- https://jobquest.dcs.eol.mass.gov/JobQuest/NewJobDetails.aspx?jo=17209930&src=NewSearch.aspx&type=JobOrderNo

Waltham Welcome Center Coordinatorhttps://jobquest.dcs.eol.mass.gov/JobQuest/NewJobDetails.aspx?jo=17209953&src=NewSearch.aspx&type=JobOrderNo

Wraparound Waltham Program Manager- https://jobquest.dcs.eol.mass.gov/JobQuest/NewJobDetails.aspx?jo=17209964&src=NewSearch.aspx&type=JobOrderNo


WPY works to ensure that the wealth of resources in and around Waltham are available for the youth and families who need them most. We facilitate high-impact community partnerships that support health and wellness, leadership development, and economic opportunity for Waltham youth while working to address long-standing structural inequities.

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