The site can be used by educators with a classroom of students or by parents helping to guide their own child through the career exploratory process. It is designed to walk students through three easy steps to plan for their future career:


Allows students to take a self-assessment to discover their interests, skills, and preferences.

  • The self-assessment results in a list of Career Clusters that might best fit their preferences. They will use this list of Results in Step #2 to help them sort careers they might wish to explore.

  • For the sake of privacy, this tool does NOT record student Results, but they can email the Results to themselves.

  • If your students do not have an email account, encourage them to write down their individualized Results for use now and in subsequent visits to the site.


Allows students to use the Results from their self-assessment to research roles in our region that they might wish to learn about.

  • This area of the website is organized by Career Clusters. Career Clusters were developed to give students a link between academic studies and career skills.

  • Encourage your student(s) to use the self-assessment Results to explore the roles in the recommended Career Clusters. Each role has a Resource area with associated links that provide more information. Some roles have videos and backstories on individuals in our region who are currently working in the role in our region. Additionally, there is a Reflection Tool on each page that students can use to record what they learned and whether they might want to pursue learning more about the role.
  • Students can fill out the Reflection Tool form and email it to themselves or their teacher OR they may wish to print it out and hand write or type their answers for their own use or to submit for credit if the task was assigned by their teacher.

  • After your student(s) has/have researched a career, discuss their findings with them individually or in groups. Perhaps even more important, help them sort through their feelings about what they have learned and encourage them to go on to Step #3.


Provides resources for students to act on their findings and access opportunities to get them moving in the right direction. Next Steps include the following links:



Download a list of the Massachusetts educational standards and find more helpful resources.


View a site map of the entire MassHire MSW Career Exploration platform for easy browsing.

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