Amannda Batista was assigned to work with Daniel’s Table as part of a Summer YouthWorks opportunity. We sat down with Amannda to learn more about her YouthWorks experience and the experiences she gained by working at a nonprofit. Over the course of her time with Daniel’s Table, Amannda explains that she learned the importance of professionalism in difficult situations, voice her concerns and ideas to coworkers, and how to think on her feet and tackle new processes and tasks (such as managing a computer system!). While working at Daniel’s Table, Amannda also relayed to us the importance of food and how many in our own communities struggle to provide enough food to nourish themselves and their loved ones. She says that “being at Daniel’s Table showed how appreciative I need to be for what I have.” She suggests Framingham residents to donate and/or help to relieve the food insecurity felt by many in the city by donating what they can. In addition, Amannda also suggests individuals interested in getting involved to volunteering or work at organizations such as Daniel’s Table to learn more about the issues facing their fellow citizens. By working at Daniel’s Table, Amannda feels she gained many skills and experiences, such as carefully and attentively helping those in need, that she can apply to her future career as a nurse. Amannda will be continuing her education at Regis College, an acceptance that she believes is due in part to her time in YouthWorks.

Congratulations to Amannda! We are so excited for you, and we thank you for allowing MassHire Metro South/West to be a part of your career journey.