Paulo Borges was assigned to work with Boston Scientific as part of a summer YouthWorks opportunity. After months of learning and growth, Borges was hired at Boston Scientific where he will be beginning his career. We sat down with Paulo Borges to learn more about his YouthWorks experience and to gain a better understanding of his trajectory to a full-time role. Overall, Borges reports that the experience was wonderful, and “showed [him] the real world and how a company function[s].” Over the course of his time with Borges, he met many great individuals who he had the pleasure of working with, and who played a role as mentors in his professional development journey. His most important piece of advice for fellow students beginning their career exploration: “When people give you an opportunity at this age, always take them because it can open more doors that you never knew you could have.” Borges also expressed that the more experience students can gain early on in their career, the better they will fare when searching for full time roles because they will have exposure to the skills and tasks associated with a variety of fields. While completing the YouthWorks program with Boston Scientific, Borges found that the program helped him discover a path he enjoyed and could see himself pursuing long term and succeeding in.

Congratulations to Paulo! We are so excited for you, and we thank you for allowing MassHire Metro South/West to be part of your career journey.

Pictured: Paulo Borges outside of his high school’s career center.