The Winter Properties Group, a brokerage located in Framingham, MA, has enriched the Metro South/West area in more ways than one. Lexi Winter, founder, has created a reputable establishment enjoyed by many, including current homeowners and local students. Not only has Winter been vital in the lives of individuals looking to purchase a home, but she has also been instrumental to the professional development of local high school students.

In the past few months, Winter has had four interns working for Winter Properties Group, two of which were hired by MassHire and the other two students who learned about the position at Framingham High School. Winter is adamant about providing realistic, paid opportunities for students and above all, wants to ensure that her interns grasp the dedication and energy one needs to run their own business. Interns get a taste of Winter hustle by helping her run Winter Properties Group, whether that is by attending home inspection’s, showing’s, and remodeling’s or getting to help plan and facilitate Winter’s Small Business networking night event, “Sip & Swap”, Winter has provided her interns with a year of experience in real estate.

Pictured: Lexi Winter and Winter Properties Group Interns at a remodeling project.

Winter has always wanted to be an entrepreneur. While attending Bridgewater State University, she intended to be a therapist and graduated with a minor in Business Management with the hopes of one day opening her own therapy office. She was exposed to the real estate industry through her family and after college, she realized that a career in real estate would fulfill her desire to help people. What started as a traditional career path turned sharply to accommodate Winter’ changing goals as she began to build relationships with clients that she now maintains with the help of her growing staff of full-time employees and interns at Winter Properties Group.

In an exclusive interview with Winter, she explained that to be an entrepreneur you need to do something you love. With Winter she found a career in Real Estate, where it is not required to have a college education, after graduating from university. She expressed that your true passions may not be what you planned for, but that to run and maintain a successful business, it must be something you care about. Winter urges students that are interested in running their own business to “build a life by design.” Winter has done just that by following her passion for helping others and being her own boss, which is both a blessing and curse as her drive for growth and improvement must remain constant.

Winter believes that the energy we put into the world will return to us. Her intern program is only the beginning of the positive impact that Winter wishes to leave on her local community. In the next few years, she is hoping to continue growing her brokerage’s client base by meeting more people, forming new connections, and strengthening current ones. With Winter passion and devotion to making her community a better place, we know she will continue to be a role model for students looking to build a life by design.